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Dark Economies: Haunted Landscapes
research conference / group show

Above: Cyanotribes poster made up from 22 seperate images 

is a piece of visual research created for a group show which formed part of the Dark Economies research conference around the theme ‘Haunted Landscapes: Nature, Super-Nature, and Global Environments’.

Based on research into cyanobacteria; the earliest forms of carbon based life, I have speculated on how they could function in a new environment following a total collapse of our natural eco systems.

The collection of imagery encourages audiences to consider what the planets future may hold if we continue to obliterate resources and continue on our current trajectory. Will we eventually wipe ourselves out? If so, when and what will follow? This is the first part of a larger project which will further link science, research and visual imagery.

Seaweed Futures
Environmental Sustainability Institute: Creative Partnerships Awards Programme
interactive mapping / visual research tool

Above: GIF showing 3 scenarios including a small subsistence farm, small / medium public involvement and large scale integrated county systems followed by 6 assett boards.

Seaweed Futures is a cross disciplinary research project between myself and the Environmental Sustainability Institute (ESI). I was employed as an artistic consultant to develop a research tool that could visualise a range of potential future scenarios relating to seaweed farming in the South West, UK.

I created a range of vector based assets that could be used to populate a map in realtime during a series of focus groups and workshops. The aim was to enable more effective and meaningful communication to occur between the science community and general public such as private individuals, residents, business owners and potential stakeholders to better assess the viablitiy and future of seaweed farming in the South West.

The project was showcased in the summer of 2022 at the ESI as part of the creative exchange programme. It is hoped that this model can be developed further for use in the wider renewable energy sector

Left: various process images and research, GIF made for soclial media.